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  1. Hillary's OH face
  2. Bill Balsamico For President
  3. Sanity Check
  4. World history - a convervative view (this will piss off anyone even slightly liberal)
  5. Political Rant OTD
  6. Did hillary just say. . .
  7. Do not look if you don't want a political rant
  8. Interesting read on our oil issues. (Who's to blame?)
  9. Who's ready for the market crash?
  10. Ant vs grasshopper
  11. McCains VP
  12. Gibson interview of Palin was edited to discredit her!
  13. Presidential Election 2008
  14. Dear Mr. Obama
  15. Who will you vote for in 2008 - ANONYMOUS
  16. Mad TV Skit
  17. Obama...the gun grabber
  18. The Vote Reaper
  19. Debate tonight.
  20. Bailout Bail.
  21. The men who brought down Wall St
  22. Burning down the house
  23. Double Standards
  24. We're all screwed.
  25. Anyone ever heard of Loose Change...:already prepared for a billion mixed opinions:
  26. Bush's resignation speech
  27. Washington DC License Plates
  28. Suit To Remove Barack Obama From The Ballot
  29. Blacks voting for Obama, without a clue
  30. Joe Biden is a moron.
  31. Internal polling
  32. Weather Underground
  33. New voting instructions:
  34. McCain worker attacked had "B" carved into her face
  35. Obama Vs. Mccain dance-off
  36. Obama not constitutionally fit to be president.
  37. Are you planning on voting for the right person?
  38. Are you voting for or against the Steelers?
  39. Liberals...this sums it up
  40. Take the test
  41. Pull out of Chicago...
  42. I'm running for president
  43. Who will be on your ballot?
  44. Informal Blind Poll
  45. We're not in Alaska anymore!
  46. Recent POLLS
  47. *When the election is over, please remove political avatars (read this.)*
  48. For you liberal mother****ing bastards!
  49. Fox News reports...
  50. Yes we did!
  51. Johnstown area people:
  52. Democrats:
  53. Obama is our new President
  54. Time to go riot!
  55. Wowww
  56. Zeitgeist: Addendum
  57. If we could turn back time
  58. Playing the race card
  59. Video about Obama supporters
  60. Immediate Change. This is going to hurt.
  61. Stocks down after election...
  62. Get your own piece of the pie, apply now!
  63. Auto bailout...
  64. To sell or not to sell
  65. Obama to shut down Guantanamo Bay
  66. Global Warming is real...
  67. Obama Forum
  68. Obama allows Palestinians to reside in US
  69. Steelers to lose three Super Bowl Trophies!!
  70. Glenn Beck on AIG
  71. Truth hurts.
  72. Who's going to the tea party?
  73. Gun Control ?
  74. Who am I?
  75. Outstanding Trade!
  76. Tea Party Bashing
  77. Letter to the IRS
  78. New Cereals to comemerate the O-admin.
  79. North Korea
  80. Talk Radio Junkie
  81. Cap and trade gets voted on today
  82. Cash for Clunkers = Death of the XJ
  83. **** Obama!
  84. Beer Sumit
  85. "The Root" online magazine
  86. Benedict Arlen
  87. Little Gems From "Obama-Care" Bill
  88. Help report trouble makers
  89. What could go wrong?
  90. Why the 'O'-ministration will implode in weeks....America's only hope
  91. Taking Control of the Internet.
  92. Better Chinese relations
  93. I did not know what I was signing
  94. Cass Sunstien "Reg CZAR" up for conf. on Senate today
  95. Ben Stein: "Thank you Barack Obama"
  96. WOW!!!! This is messed up
  97. Low level
  98. If you dont want Obamacare...
  99. Nobel Peace Prize...Obama? Huh?
  100. Obama wins the Stanley Cup!!!!!
  101. We're still Fncked, Obama's going to sign UN climate change treaty
  102. Pay cuts for bailed out companies.
  103. Pittsburgh Mayor election tomorrow..
  104. Thomas Jefferson = Smart and reasonable man...
  105. Lemon Picker
  106. Guess, who?
  107. Government health care
  108. All this global warming is making my toes cold!
  109. GM is makin a comeback
  110. National Debt
  111. If PETA lived as well as Phil...
  112. "Socialist Libertarian " - anyone heard of such a thing?
  113. Re-cap 09' what a ride
  114. IRS buying shotguns? Is this normal?
  115. Political poll: Most people are clueless apparently.
  116. Johnstown, PA is in a shit load of trouble...Murtha Died.
  117. So how about the plain crash in Texas
  118. So much greener
  119. I found the definition of liberal.
  120. No votes needed
  121. Don't know how I missed this.
  122. Congressman Mike Roger's opening statement on Health Care Reform
  123. Just what we need, more stupid taxes.
  124. Welcome to the USSA
  125. Predicting the future for the 2010 Census?
  126. F*** The Democrats
  127. Warrantless email searches US Dept Justice
  128. If your stupid you can sue someone now?
  129. HOLY CRAP, bend over people, you gotta pay some obama money!
  130. Johnny takes lesons from boma
  131. Al Gore gets owned on global warming.
  132. Illegal's Boycott Arizona By Leaving
  133. "Ground Zero Mosque" - a lot of hype.
  134. Can someone please buy Obama a winch?
  135. "America Rising" political add released.
  136. About damn time
  137. Idiocracy
  138. World Debt
  139. Westboro Baptist Church
  140. A condensed history lesson.
  141. A funny happened at the machine shop today.
  142. The line between Censorship and Freedom
  143. I have issues with stupid people.
  144. State of the Union
  145. Egypt... Mubarak steps down.
  146. Talk about a fart in church...
  147. Santorum in 2012?
  148. Occupy protesters
  149. "Race War"
  150. What do you think of this one?
  151. Cain train
  152. Time Magazine
  153. Taxes.
  154. Getting a bad feeling
  155. Freedom is a Smokey Burnout...but Not for Long
  156. FOAC voters guides
  157. Speaking of slippery slopes and degrading freedoms
  158. You're already living in the collapse...
  159. How the Gov wrecked the gas an
  160. Fast & Furious - 2nd vic?
  161. Un att
  162. Paul Ryan... Good video from someone who has a clue
  163. Ann Romney.
  164. Libya
  165. 47%
  166. The Obama you don't know
  167. Micheal Berry on NAACP
  168. NRA video on borders
  169. I simply can't not share this - ObamaPhone
  170. Libertarian Info.
  171. Welp, 4 more years.
  172. EPA is on full full force
  173. Gun Ban Progress???
  174. NRA press release
  175. Gun Control Thread
  176. No AR15 used at sandy hook
  177. Advice for contacting your rep
  178. Somebody needs to be held accountable
  179. Diane Feinstein
  180. Harrisburg Rally thread
  181. Obama READY for Mt. Rushmore!
  182. I have an idea to combat anti gun support
  183. Cheaper than Dirt Scumbags
  184. To the hunters and "traditional" gun types.
  185. Feinstein introduced her weapons ban today
  186. 1955 Pro-capitalist film I stumbled across
  187. Support Michael Hadded!
  188. Secretary of Interior
  189. Anyone else sick of...
  190. Why can't this be my in my town?
  191. Second amendment town hall 2/19/13
  192. Warning to American gun owners
  193. Official call your reps thread! Pennsylvania state only
  194. This is really getting weird
  195. One more reason for the 2nd amendment
  196. Best Craigslist ad I've read in a long time
  197. Official call your reps at the federal (house/senate) thread
  198. April 23rd 2013 - Harrisburg 2A Rally
  199. A.K.A. - "WHAT scandal?!?!"
  200. Is anyone else sick and F'ing tired of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the rest of the retards?
  201. good read
  202. Where there can be no compromise
  203. 2014 health care
  204. Due to government shutdown
  205. Government is Magic
  206. Wtf?
  207. Need people for round table discussion
  208. Corbett and his monster DODGE!!!
  209. Surplus Vehicle Auctions Stopped
  210. The value of a buck: then & now
  211. NO ebola thread yet?!?!
  212. Everyone want to move to Tenn?
  213. mohammedan outreach program proceeds SWIMMINGLY!
  214. Nothing??
  215. Want a good laugh?