View Full Version : My newest Toy

11-26-2012, 10:56 AM
I posted a thread last week asking for thoughts on the KDX200... Well, I ended up buying it this weekend (well kind of, not totally paid for yet lol but its practically mine)


After riding it a couple times, I knew that it had to be mine lol. The bike is such a blast to ride, I couldnt be more happy. I just need to get more use to riding a two-stroke, all I've ever had my whole life was 4's.

We went out riding all this weekend. There is a trail directly outside of my garage in the back yard that hooks right up with a TON of trails... I cant believe how many trails I can get to from there. After two solid days of riding back there, I still havent seen all there is to see.


My only problem now is recovering from how damn sore I am haha riding that thing is a bit of a task when riding mostly slick, muddy trails! I gotta get back into the swing of things. It just sucks that I decided to buy it right in the middle of hunting seasons. Guess I can still ride on Sundays tho.