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The Rules
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    The Rules

    Please take the time to read and understand the rules here. They will be enforced by the Administrative Staff. Any violation of the rules may end up with a member being disciplined. The discipline may be in the form of a warning, a temporary ban, or a permanent ban. The amount of discipline is at the discretion of the Administrative Staff. The staff has the last word and the forum will not debate moderation decisions.
    • No nudity or pornography will be tolerated. This includes pictures, links, or links to pages with nested links. Be sure you thoroughly investigate your links prior to posting them. Many members surf PghOffRoad from work, and a questionable link could end up in the person losing their job, as many companies monitor what their employees are surfing during internet activity. The Administrative Staff here are PghOffRoad strive to make this place a home/work safe site, and posting threads such as mentioned can get a person in trouble or fired from their job.

    • No flaming or bashing, either publicly or by Private Messaging. This includes both the members and the Administrative Staff. Also posting to "egg" members on or to entice bashing will not be tolerated. All PghOffRoad members should treat each other with respect at all times.

    • Foul language will not be tolerated. This also includes trying to get around the word censor using words to replace the "F" word. We do let a few words slip by that you will hear on primetime TV, but some words such as the "F" word or fooling the censor with alternate like words will not be tolerated.

    • Questionable selling practices will not be tolerated. The selling of inferior products, deceiving the membership on what you are selling in the classifieds section. Be mindful of the other members in the classified forum. There is no need to post excessive number of for sale posts at the same time, or constantly “BTT” the posts you have in the classified forum.

    • Spam will not be tolerated whatsoever. This includes signing up here to "spam" the membership into clicking onto a website where you are selling your products, or to rack up points when people click on your website. If you have a legitimate product to offer to the membership, then by all means you are free to advertise them in the classified section.

    • Bashing other message boards will not be tolerated. This includes inciting flame wars with other boards and mocking other boards content.

    • Creating an addition user account is grounds for banishment. Either while registered here already, or creating one if you were already previously disciplined. Why would you need a second account to begin with? If you encounter a problem with registering, drop us a line at admin@pghoffroad.com, and we can help you get set up.

    • Posting the contents of a "Private Message" in public view of one you have received either from an admin or moderator is strictly prohibited.

    • If a thread has been closed by a Moderator/Administrator leave it that way. Just drop it. There is no need to open additional threads on subject, or about the fact that the thread has been closed. Attacks on the Administrative Staff about administrative decisions are grounds for immediate banishment.

    • To ensure the future of offroading, PghOffRoad promotes the values of Tread Lightly. Posting about trespassing, making illegal trails/bypasses, littering, polluting, etc will not be tolerated. For more info go to www.treadlightly.org.

    • Ignorance to what the rules are here is not an excuse for breaking them. If you break the rules we have listed here and we call you on it, we do not want to hear any whining. Failure to comply by these rules may end up in having your account suspended or terminated. Some of these rules are also posted on the Registration page you agreed to when you registered here.
    PghOffRoad is operated as a board viewable by all ages, in other words, we fall somewhere in between G and PG-17 rated. If you feel you can not comply to the rules we have stated here, then PghOffRoad is probably not the place for you. There are many other boards out there that do allow things that we do not. Feel free to visit them if you can not follow the rules here, or start up your own forum. We work hard and for free I might add to make PghOffRoad an enjoyable place for all to visit and learn about and share their experiences with others. When we have to take action to enforce these rules, it also takes away from our free time.

    The Administrative Staff
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