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Thread: 93 XJ chop top for sale

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    93 XJ chop top for sale

    1993 Jeep Cherokee
    Two Door
    4.0L HO
    Auto (AW4)
    4x4 (np231)
    220k ish

    This little guy runs strong and shifts nicely for the amount of miles on it. It is a project vehicle, it's about 85% finished. I drive this daily, it is currently inspected in PA until 1/13. Really the only thing needed to make this thing a fun wheeler would be to put some gears and lockers in.

    Here's a link to the build thread with all the pictures of the build process.

    This is a short list of everything I did to it.

    Replaced all sheet metal on the floor from the firewall back
    Chopped the top off
    Sealed the cab in
    Built the "bed"
    Relocated the fuel tank into the bed
    Built a custom rear bumper/crossmember
    LED tail lights
    Fully Custom 6 point hybrid exo cage made from 1.75" DOM tubing with .120 wall
    4 point safety harnesses tied into the cage
    Rockers cut out and raised a few inches and replaced with 4x2x.125 rectangular tubing
    New rockers tied into frame and cage
    Frame stiffeners added from front of cab to rear of frame
    Trail Gear Creeper joints added onto custom made shackle relocators
    Boomerang shackles
    Brand new hd stock leaf pack with an extra leaf added
    Rear wheel wells relocated and rebuilt
    Rear quarter panels plated with .125 thick armor
    Front wheel wells cut out and modified
    Battery relocated inside cab.
    Brand new ZJ brake booster and master cylinder
    Tj flares on all four corners
    Crown Automotive extended stainless steel braided brake lines, front and rear
    3in rough country coil springs up front
    35x12.5x14 good year mtr
    Performance header
    Throttle body spacer
    Brand new custom exhaust from header back, including a new cat, with performance magnaflow muffler
    There's alot more than what's listed but I didn't want to make you read a novel.

    In a nut shell this is an XJ sitting on 3in of lift and 35's

    Also I have quite a few extra parts that go with it.

    I am motivated to get rid of this and get out of the off-road world for awhile. Depending on the offer, I"ll throw in everything I still own that is related to the off-road world, which will include spare front axle shafts, Tom Woods front drive shaft, misc. front clip pieces, a small cobra cb, 60" hi lift jack and various other parts. So please shoot me a pm if you have any other questions.

    Jeep is located in Erie, PA

    $3800 OBO

    "When your god gives you lemons... you find a new god!"

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    $3500 obo
    "When your god gives you lemons... you find a new god!"

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