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Thread: east hickory creek

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    east hickory creek

    the area of east hickory creek that I fish is lures & flies only and you can,t keep the trout but it is a lot of fun. there is a major hatch of green drakes within a week or so, there are also sulphers &blue duns hatching at this time. I won a 2/3 weight custom graphite fly rod at a T.U. show a few years ago and this increased my fly fishing intrest by a 100 per cent. A few weeks ago I hooked & landed an 18 inch brown & saw more behind it (prince nymph) made one ugly roll cast & promptly hooked another when I got it in some one was clapping I looked up expecting to see my son but it was somebody I had never met. He inquired about my rod & asked if he could see it, seems he was from Vermont & is a fishing guide there so while he,s got my custom rod I,m eyeballing his bamboo custom rod my 2/3 weight graphite is real nice his was exceptional. We got to talking about fly rods & it turns out he makes around 75 rods throught out the winter so it seems he had a light weight blank and a few weeks before he starts guiding we agree on a price for a custom bamboo fly rod I hand him a down payment exchange phone numbers addresses etc. and a few days ago it arrived! A thing of beauty burl cherry reel seat 5 foot 8 inches 2/3 weight appox 1 ounce of perfectness. This rod throws the line where you,re looking and so easy to use I,ve been playing with it in my yard it,s a pure pleasure. I so can,t wait to get to camp and fish E.Hickory my son & I are outta here Thrus.

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    Thats badass! I love hunting trout as well. I run a 4 weight quarrow I won a few years back with an older pflueger medalist. I like spinning on ultralight gear in the 4' range with 2lb test...good times PA has some of the best trout fishing nationwide.
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    I just got back from Tidioute. Fished Brokenstraw creek in Pittsfield and did pretty good. Caught some nice heavy rainbows and browns.
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