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    ReReReRebuilding the Offroad trailer

    Well once upon a time at a Harbor Freight far way there was small box trailer.....
    Soon After taking home baby trailer, and getting him his first lift and 30x9.50

    Then his first upgrade.... A crane

    Then little budy said I want to look like a m416 made of steel and plywood! I mean my trailer has suddenly gained the ability to speak, and this gives be a reason to buy a plasma cutter vs figure out why my homemade one isnt working Why not!?

    Then he went to his first destruct-o-thon

    And saw his first dead horse! (seriously that was there for 5 days oh god the smell)

    Then he got a paint job

    And I broke his little legs with a few thousand pound of dirt (sorry little buddy)

    Then I had to put little buddy out to pasture (please not like the horse, please!!! You be quite trailer! I'm the sentient one here! Your from Harbor Freight!)

    Then came new little buddy ('why am I new little buddy?' Why do I have to be cursed with sentient talking dump trailers!!! You shut up or I'll get out the plasma cutter!!)

    And new little buddy got a overly large hydraulic cylinder

    And another crane!

    And new little buddy helped me pick up the new engine for the jeep

    But then new little buddy had a run in with a tree.....and gravity ('tell them like it is you forgot to tension the rope and dropped a tree on me!' I said I was sorry. 'Is that the plasma cutter? No! stay away! Not the face!.....')

    This trailer was R rated for rebuild
    It is not approved for any audiences

    (I forgot to take photos)

    Well newer little buddy started out as a 1994 dodge mini van rear axle and a set of bleachers
    (you may have seen this axle if your were at Josh's meet and greet (your were at the meet and greet right!?))

    Shorten the axle

    Found out I needed more space between the flange and the spring so cut some spacers on the waterjet

    Getting there

    Getting better

    Ground clearance I have it

    Added some fenders (they go replaced soon after) and a 10g steel top

    And then some awesome aluminum fenders

    Newer little buddy helps me get the new turbo diesel for my rabbit

    But with all this talk of expedition etc it wanted a top

    And some 2x2x14g box tube later

    And since I still have to weld on the hinges and put in the plywood inserts here is a video of me machining an anvil
    (click the sparks)

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    I like the matching wheels and all your shop toys.

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    Geez, I just watched the making of "Le Mans" on Showtime, and I think this trailer build was more complicated!

    Bad news is... now I wanna build a trailer/toter!!!
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    Not to be critical of so much work, but you do realize why there have been so many rebuilds of this of course?

    No MSPaint diagrams. Enough said.

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    Go new tail lights and guards since I smash the lights into every obstacle l I can find. Along with the new tail pull latches.
    [I]"Its not a bondfire unless you can see if from space"[/I]\
    TJ now with the power of a 5.2L vs 2.5L get same gas mileage....crap.

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    have you finished this build?

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    Wondering the same thing.

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