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Thread: Np231d and np231d HD differences?

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    Np231d and np231d HD differences?

    So this is my build, I have a 97 Dakota with a 12v Cummins and a 5 speed, the original np231 I had installed initially flopped the chain and totally cracked the case, so went to my local salvage guy and he had a np231dhd available for 300$ so I bought it, and it's from an automatic vs my 5 speed, what do I need to change? Or will parts from my np231 that still has great shafts and planetaries have the output shaft that will work to fit with my driveshaft. I do know the chain sizes are different so shoot me your thoughts thanks!!

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    If you do indeed have a 12v powered Dakota you should sell your 231's immediately and put a 241DLD or DHD In it. What was behind the cummins to begin with...231 is okay with V8 torque input but up it to a 12v stock, let alone just sliding the fuel plate your ass is on borrowed time...what rear end are using and you still running the if front?
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