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Thread: PA to allow semi-autos for hunters!!!

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    PA to allow semi-autos for hunters!!!

    Just needs signed into law by the Gov!!
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    COUNT on Wolf-in-sheeple's-clothing to screw up a free cup of coffee. I'm not holding my breath on this one.
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    From PAFOA:

    The bill does not automatically allow semi-automatic firearms for hunting in PA. Rather it removes the prohibition of the use of such firearms. It specifically gives the Game Commission the ability to make regulations to allow semi-automatic firearms if it so chooses. Getting the PGC to allow them is probably going to be another fight in and of itself. With all that said, I believe Wolf will sign the bill. I also think the PGC will allow them for birds and small game. I do not think they will allow them for large game (their sacred deer and black bear) least not at first.

    Also note that magazine capacity would be limited to 5 rounds.

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    it would be nice to be able to carry a small semi auto pistol like a 22 while small game hunting.
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