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Thread: Want a good laugh?

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    Want a good laugh?

    This is the agenda of the Pittsburgh anti-Trump protesters.


    We will stand against Donald Trump's reactionary agenda from day one!

    - No deportations of immigrants! Make Pittsburgh a sanctuary city!
    - Black lives matter! Put police under community control!
    End mass incarceration!
    - Stop gentrifying our neighborhoods and guarantee quality
    homes for all!
    - A quality living wage for all working people!
    - Ban fracking! Protect the water in Pittsburgh, Flint, and
    Standing Rock!
    - A union and rights on the job for every worker!
    - Equal pay for equal work! Free access to reproductive health care!
    Crush rape culture!
    - Protect trans lives! Defend queer youth! End discrimination in
    our work places!
    - Stop imperialist intervention around the world! Defund the military!
    - Reject xenophobia! No walls, no lists, no borders!
    Muslims and refugees are our neighbors!
    - Free and high-quality health care for all!
    Medicine for the public good, not private profit!
    - Tax the rich! Take control of the country away from corporations!

    Join Socialist Alternative Pittsburgh and activists across the globe on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017 at The Point, Downtown, in protesting Trump, right here in Pittsburgh and showing that our city will stand up and fight back against racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, and the rising threat of fascism in the United States.

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    . I couldnt make it past the comment on banning fracking....and somehow the correlation between it and Flint Michigan's water supply....they really need educated. Hydraulic Fracturing has nothing to do with Flint LOL. Why are people so whacky.
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    California has gone from drought to flooding since the election. I suspect it is all the liberal tears.

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    Going to be in the mid 50s on 1-20. A little warm for poor little socialist snowflakes.
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    It's hard to believe there are people that stupid in this Country. These pricks need to move to a socialist Country and take the rest of the liberal turds with them.

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    Oh boy....

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