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Thread: Anyone interested in rally cross?

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    Anyone interested in rally cross?

    AHR, the Allegheny highlands region of the SCCA, based in Indiana, PA is going to be hosting some rally cross events this year. This is the first time in a very long time for the club,and will be the first time the venue is used for such a thing.

    Our first rally cross event is Sunday August 20th at the Allegeny county fair grounds in Cumberland, md.

    Appears to be a dirt course, but that's all I really know.

    When the registration costs/times are made public I'll update this thread.

    Anyone that meets SCCA rally cross rules is welcome. That means no convertibles(sadly), and a 1:1 average track to average height ratio.

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    Are they having any closer to Pittsburgh?

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    Interested? Yes. Time? Probably not. ��
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    Quote Originally Posted by DMG View Post
    Are they having any closer to Pittsburgh?
    This is the closest any group has gotten in the 3 years I've been back in PA and competing.

    Steel cities region of SCCA has a stranglehold on the Pittsburgh area, and are almost exclusively interested in autocross, so they really haven't helped. It actually hurts the effort because Westmoreland and Fayette county are grouped into steel cities region, and as such, make holding sanctioned events in those counties almost impossible without their support.

    We, meaning myself AHR and several independent racers, have been trying to find places to hold events in the state, and coming up empty. Even with all the unused farm land, open fairgrounds, and viable land. We are trying to get something off the ground in Fayette county, but it's taking a lot more time than anticipated.

    Looking back in time though, AHR has held snow cross events at jennerstown speedway(and lost it due to lack of interest) and the stage rally crew from out east has done things at 7 springs. Before this was announced, we had offers to use the Frostburg Maryland(former dc region) site, as well as an eastern Ohio site(former mid Ohio site) from the members of those regions but still about 2 hours away.

    It's hard getting the word out and getting people interested. Most people have no idea what autocross is, let alone rally cross, and think we'll just be out there destroying all their land or playing demolition derby with our cars. Or they think they need an FIA built car, not realizing their daily driver is perfectly fine for local competition.

    What I don't understand is there is tons of viable land for rally cross, stage rally, and 4 wheeling all around, but people would rather watch their land go unused than make some money hosting events, or they've dealt with one asshole group that ruined things for everyone else.

    Sorry if I went off on a tangent, I'm still a little mad I won't be able to run the lifted miata at an event because I don't have a hard top. I really need to find somewhere to go test that lift kit.

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    If someone wanted to try to do a snow event again at Jennerstown I have just the guy to talk to.
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    They tried to have snowcross at pittrace this year but there was no snow lol
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    And details.

    First ever SCCA RallyCross at Allegany County Fairgrounds! For more information on what SCCA RallyCross is, check out:

    Competitor information:
    Mufflers are required by county ordinance on all NA cars! Please contact us for more information.

    Being our first event, we are going to focus on having a good time at this new venue and getting lots of runs. We will be using parts of the clay dirt oval as well as the infield.

    8:00-9:00AM Competitor Arrival
    8:30-9:30AM Registration Check-In
    8:30-9:30AM Tech Inspection
    9:30-9:45AM Driver’s Meeting
    9:45-10:15AM Report to Work Stations or Grid
    10:15-11:30AM Runs 1 hr 15 min.
    11:30 - 12:00 (Noon) Report to Work Stations or Grid
    12:00 - 1:15PM Runs 1 hr 15 min.
    1:15 - 2:00PM Lunch Break 45 min
    2:00 - 2:30PM Report to Work Stations or Grid
    2:30 - 4:00PM Runs 1 hr 30 min
    4:00 - 4:30PM
    Report to Work Stations or Grid
    4:30 - 6:00PM Runs 1 hr 30 min
    6:00 - 6:30PM Clean up

    There will be dirt track racing at this venue the night before, and the entertainment is worth showing up early and the $10 ticket for the grandstands. On site camping is available for $25 with facilities. Best Western in nearby LaVale, MD is offering SCCA members special rates.

    PRE REGISTRATION LINK WILL BE UP SOON! Prereg price is $40, walk up price is $50.

    Spectators are free. All Spectators must waiver in.

    And ^^ The signup link

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    How did the event go? Anything like this planned for the future?

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    Holy delayed reply. Life got in the way and I kind of forgot this site.

    Our first 2 events in Cumberland went extremely well, we wound up moving the third event to meyersdale and I couldn't make that one.

    The core group is working on a schedule for this year. That's all the details I have at the moment. The WDC region has moved their rally cross back to summit point this year, a bit of a trek from Pittsburgh, but closer than Catlett, VA.

    This year I'll be campaigning a 2002 ranger once the season starts, I'm kind of excited to try it out.

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    http:// g?oh=53a30f530d66586ca5470bd0695b9538&oe=5B4675C7
    We have a schedule for the year. All events are at Somerset fairgrounds, meyersdale, pa.
    Some rental vehicles and helmets will be available, that's all on Facebook and I don't have Facebook.

    I do have a P71 that needs the transmission put back together that is an awesome car I'd be willing to sell cheap though.

    Ok, the picture won't post here but the link goes straight to the schedule.

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    I am going to try to make one of these. That is right by my camp so if others want to go we can crash at my camp instead of driving all the way out there.

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    March 25 event has been postponed. If the snow coming this week would stick around we'd run, but with heavy snow then a quick thaw, we're pushing the date back. Any registrations have automatically been transferred to April 15, which is the new event number one. A makeup date will be added later.

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    So it sounds like we're still running tomorrow, rain or shine. Feel free to come out and watch or run if you're not going on the monthly wheeling trip.

    $50 day of event, and probably $15 for an scca weekend membership. For scca members, $40 registration fee on, if it's still open.

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    Just want to bring this back up for the last event of the season.

    Sunday, September 9, weather permitting, at the Somerset fairgrounds in meyersdale.

    $40 to race and $15 for an SCCA weekend membership

    I think registration is on but I haven't double checked yet. Registration is usually 8-9am, then safety meeting and first heat by 10.

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