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Thread: Toyota rear axle bad bearing?

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    Toyota rear axle bad bearing?

    Can anyone tell me how to determine if the bearing on this 99 4runner rear axle shaft is bad? It has 158k miles and the axle seal pooped out. I do not feel any up and down play in the shaft when it's bolted to the axle but I can rock the backing plate just a hair when it's off the axle like in the photo. It spins freely without any noises or grinding.

    Video is not working well but hopefully it does soon.

    Bad bearing?
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    Just a thought, if there's no horizintal play in the bearing, can you work the shaft in and out (huh-huh) and see if the inner and outer races are staying together or if the inner is moving independently of the outside? It's been a while since I have pulled a shaft out of a rear end (again, there has got to be a better way to phrase that) so I'm just throwing thoughts at the wall here. There's got to be someone here with better advice though.
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    Doesn't sound to bad; but hard to tell without looking at it. I can't compare; when I pulled mine it was practically in pieces.
    Why did the seal fail? A bad bearing can cause it to go; or a cloggged breather can. If the seal was leaking for awhile, how much gear oil came through the bearing? It can wash away all the grease in the bearing then lead to failure.
    If I was that far into the axle; I'd just change it. Relatively cheap, and easy with the right tools and press.
    Good luck.

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