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Thread: 95 Toyota Land Cruiser for sale

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    95 Toyota Land Cruiser for sale

    I took this in trade and already have a mildly built 100 series so I am selling it.

    It runs and drives great.
    Has the 3rd row jump seats.
    180k on it. Which is low for one of these
    Has the bigger I6 with 212 hp.
    Leather, sunroof, etc. No diff locks

    Here is what is wrong with it:
    It has mostly surface rust on the frame and underside but there is one spot on the bottom of the right side frame rail that is getting soft. It is a small, narrow spot and an easy fix.

    Ac condenser leaks. I can get a Denso condenser for $115

    The right front wheel bearing needs adjusted. I think I hear birfield noise from that corner but it may be stuff moving due to the wheel bearing being loose

    The parking brake does not work. It appears to be disconnected at the (rusty) backing plates

    ABS light is on

    As with all of these, the valve seals are leaking. Sometimes it will give a puff of smoke on startup.

    With a little work this would make a great wheeler/dd/family truckster. It has 11/17 stickers on it and I would drive it across the country without worry.


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