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Thread: Cool truck setup

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    Cool truck setup


    I am new here. Stepped in to say 'hi'! I see you guys have a lot of cool travel ideas here, especially liked the idea about vehicle-based hammocking.
    Anyways, I've got an F-250 truck, and I thought of equipping it with a sort of in-bed camper, that sits in the bed and abouve the cab, something like the guy placed on this yellow Titan -

    Who knows, what is the right word for that - it's just camper, right?
    Do I need any extra registration on that? Or I can just buy one, install and travel with it?

    I am not in rush with this, and consider installing such a thing onto my pickup truck once.

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    I've got just the ticket! PM me for details. And you just slide in and go, no fees or extra cost to owning no registration no nothing.
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    Thanks, cool that I do not have to register this thing or pay something on top of it.
    I'll get back with you, man.

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    Hey OP, any update? Did you get a camper for your truck?

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    Same question as above.

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    I would like to know any update with your truck. I'm currently looking for references because I wanted to tow an RV with fifth wheel hitch using my truck. I might reconsider if I find something better.
    Found a great deal on hankook tires from and they have the right fitment I was looking for.

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