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Thread: Bobble head Cruise Control

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    Bobble head Cruise Control

    I posted this on the 4runner forums and didn't get much from there. One guy said this was normal but I am finding it to be quite annoying. I never experienced a cruise control that overshoots every few seconds so I don't think this is normal.

    My 99 4runner's Cruise Control has been odd ever since I bought the truck. I would set it at 60 mph and it does 60 just fine up any grade or flat road but you become a bobble head when you drive down any sort of hill. It would overshoot to about 63-64 and then let off the throttle (rpms drop to 1k) till it hits 60. Then it immediately applies throttle till it overshoots again and releases. This repeats nonstop until you are driving on a flat road or up a hill. It's pretty annoying and passengers are noticing this and asking wtf is up with my truck.

    Any thoughts?

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    I don't know much about 4Runners, but would assume it's a vacuum based cruise control given the year? I would assume it's holding vacuum since its working on level and uphill. There's an actuator that sensed the change in vacuum and controls the acceleration. Perhaps it's the source of your problem.

    Full disclaimer, I'm only applying what I know about cc from other vehicles. Never worked on a 4Runner.

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