So long story short, for the past 3 months the transmission in the P71 has been open.

I have the new shift linkage arm to go in all ready to go.

No one who has tried has been able to get the old one out. The tensioner and parking pawl are disconnected, the roll pin is out, the end nut is off, but the arm won't come out. I'm afraid of cracking the transmission itself if I try any harder.

I can't see or feel anything holding onto the arm, I've watched a few videos on tear downs, and the few people even acknowledge this part exists did exactly what I did and it slid right off. What could I do? How strong is the cast aluminum bellhousing?

I'm really sick of this thing taking up work space, and while the weather has been the biggest hold up, even on dry days spending hours screwing with it and getting nowhere is getting old.