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Thread: We have a rat on PGHOR

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    We have a rat on PGHOR

    As many of you know, someone reported a recent trail ride that allegedly crossed state game lands to the DCNR, causing several members to be cited.

    This rat did not warn people that the unmarked trails crossed game lands and instead spied on us to ensure that DCNR officers were waiting to identify memebers by their license plates as they entered the trail and even went as far as to send pics of the trail ride.

    This is trail ride was only discussed on a memebers only forum on this site. Only a few members looked at the post and did not attend the trail ride. By process of elimination (and the fact that he has claimed to work for the DCNR and discussed punishments for crossing game lands while off-roading), we have identified the rat as

    HoodRN. Also known as Eric. I am not sure of his last name. His phone number is 724-8220786 in case you want to let him know how you feel about him.

    This is him on HJRA:

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