PCM, SKIM, key and ignition cyl all matched and programmed together. From a running n driving 2004 WJ 4.0. If youíre having PCM or SKIM or key issues, this could solve it. Read CAREFULLY! I used this on my 2002, but the oil pressure sensor had to be changed for the gauge inside to work and the torque converter didnít get a command to lock up; this is due to the different programming in the 04 PCM/TCM. They changed from a sensor to a light mid year for the oil pressure sending unit (02.5-04). This may work on all 99-04 WJs with a 4.0 to at least start it. Iím not sure, do your research. AGAIN; this will NOT lock up the torque converter on 99-03 transmissions and will not control the oil psi gauge on 99-02.5 WJs. Sold as-is. No checks, no holds, no promises, no guarantees, no warranty. $175