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Thread: "classic" plates

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    so not too much. i still need to do this though
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    I looked into that same thing when I got mine - even if I lost my argument over a detail like "carrying people or property" (how rediculous of a useless statement could they have come up with) I didn't really see anything to be worried about penalty wise.
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    When it comes to vehicle laws I typically just do what I want and deal with whatever consequences later. Sometimes ya win, sometimes ya lose lol. I have an old F150 with an antique plate that gets used for Lowe’s runs and is currently hooked to my boat. I can’t say I’ve ever had an issue with it having a classic plate and neither did my dad when he daily drove it for several years that way. I also live somewhat in the country and don’t see a cop on most trips. Good news is that there is a state of emergency and you could take a road trip on a quad if you wanted to right now lol. Might have some explaining to do after, but in state of emergency registration laws go out the window.

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