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Thread: Free firewood

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    Free firewood

    So all my friends that wanted it have disappeared and craigslist is pretty useless, but I've got a yard full of firewood looking for a home. Mostly poplar, some sassafrass, one 20 foot long Apple.

    There's maybe a truck load already cut up, the rest is still as the trees fell.

    I live in Greensburg by the mall. 724 nein ate nein 6141, texting is better than calling if you're interested.

    Only catch: you can't drive across my yard, all this rain has turned it into a swamp and the ranger might not be able to get you out. So bring friends or teenagers to help carry.

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    How much is there total? How far would we have to carry it?

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    6 or 8 or so trees, 8 inch bases, 50-60 feet tall. Short carry, 50-75 feet.

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