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Thread: Lookin to offroad help???

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    Lookin to offroad help???

    Im near Kittanning, always hit the archery range on troy hill. Looking for some new trails spots any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Easy/Beginner Off road trails near Pittsburgh

    I am new to this site and a new Jeep Wrangler owner (2001 Sport). I am looking for some easy trails in Western Pa (I am Near Plum/Monroeville area) to learn on and take my kids. My Jeep is very basic, not lifted or oversize tires. Does anyone out there have any suggestions? I know there was a monthly Jeep gathering at the Pourhouse in Monroeville. Now that it I have a Jeep and the Pourhouse has closed - I no longer see that group on the weekend.

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    There are a lotta clubs in western PA - in Butler, the Mon Valley, the city and near the OH line. I'm the treasurer of one of those clubs (Steeltown Offroaders). I would do a Bing search for "offroad clubs + western PA," or some variations thereof, and that would be the best way to find some nearby wheelers who can show you the trails. Wheeling WITH someone else, also helps make sure YOU get back to the pavement, too!
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    ^ What he said is great advice. It isn't in anyone's best interest to post trail locations on the website / forums any longer, unfortunately . The times they are a 'changin!

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    I'm new to this forum and I was thinking of asking the same question. Good thing I came upon this thread.

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    Lotta good parks around.
    Scrubgrass, Rockrun, Doe Valley, etc....
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    Scrubgrass has some nice terrains.

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