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    I moved to Pittsburgh area in January for a job opportunity. I am originally from Allentown, PA. I used to wheel at AOAA once to twice a month (blues and blacks with spotters). I started wheeling in 2016 with a brand new 2016 JKU Hard Rock. I wheeled 2016, 17 and 18, each year building my rig. I ended up spending $70,000 in total including the base price. It broke down at 60,500 miles this January. I had to spend $5,000 out of pocket cost to rebuild the rear-end, even though most all suspension (including steering components), gears and driveshafts were aftermarket installed by professional off-road specialty shops. I had to plead and beg to get rid of it, as I had learned there is a surplus of modified JK's people are trying to get rid of.

    I bought a Ram Rebel (201 as it was heavily discounted when the 2019 came out. It rides amazing compared to my modified JKU. I would like to go wheeling in wide open places with mild trails with my stock Rebel. My long term plan down the road is to buy a Polaris Rock Crawler Edition that I can take (toe on trailer) to off-road parks to blow of steam on the weekends.

    I plan to check out Isabella Ash Dumps in Adah, PA.

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    Howdy. Im Chip . Near Kittanning.

    sinnin n grinnin

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    Hey all, my name is Anthony, friends call me Tooch. Have a '19 4Runner TRD. Still bone stock, but I'd like to take it to some trails that it would be able to handle. It has 4 low, rear locker, crawl control... AmThanks for having me! Anyone have any ideas on places?

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    Hey everyone- just joined and I'm in the beginning stages of building out a comanche. Starting with a 92, 4.0l, 5sp 2wd and converting to 97+ conversion 4wd with a lift and other upgrades (already have a donor cherokee for the parts). Main concerns now are looking for a shop for adding air lockers and possibly stroking the 4.0l to a 4.7.

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